Catherine’s professional writings have been about bereavement, palliative care and health care ethics. Publications include “Midsummer Nightmare: TWA Flight 800,” as in Vision: The Journal of The National Association of Catholic Chaplains; “From Star to Star, Step by Step,” as in A Model for Palliative Care and Advanced Cancer; “Programs That Work,” as in Living With Grief: At Work, At School, At Worship; “Synecdoche in Health Care: Integrated Ethics,” as in The Journal of Clinical Ethics. Catherine has been featured in two PBS specials, “Toward a Better Death” and “A Time to Grieve” and was the creator of the video on children and grief, Kids to Kids: When Someone Special Dies. Selections of Catherine’s poetry have appeared among the works of prominent New York women artists for a gallery exhibit entitled “Women of Spirit.” Catherine now lives and writes in Easton, Maryland and is a member of the Eastern Shore Writers Association.

Beauty Noticed Book Cover

Beauty Noticed
When life hurts, Beauty Noticed is a wholesome antidote. Catherine R. Seeley's collection of poems about creation, conscience, change and hope gives voice to the experiences of everyday living, balanced with the soothing balms of nature, promise and empowerment.
Reminiscent of Mary Oliver's contemplative eye for nature and Joan Chittister's advocacy for human rights, Beauty Noticed interrupts the blur of living with reminders of virtue, healing and hope.

"Eire," selected for inclusion in the anthology, Bay to Ocean 2019:The Year's Best Writing from the Eastern Shore.
"The Waterman's Son," selected for inclusion in the anthology, Bay to Ocean 2020:The Year's Best Writing from the Eastern Shore.
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Publisher: Salt Water Media, LLC (November 9, 2020)
ISBN-10: 1628062959
ISBN-13: 978-1628062953

Mea Culpa Book Cover

Mea Culpa
An old classmate's appearance on a television crime show finds a group of former nuns suddenly drawn back into each other's lives because they once shared convent life with her. Tracked down by a private investigator and no longer under the restraints of convent silence and secrecy, each woman shares from her long ago past in the convent with this woman. Unwittingly, what each reveals to the investigator begins to uncover a heinous crime, threatens to visit scandal on a diocese, lures an elderly Superior to consider suicide, and now imperils the life of each former nun.

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Publisher: Xlibris (May 6, 2003)
ISBN-10: 1401079466
ISBN-13: 978-1401079468